Yes we are listening! Here are some of our user and customer questions and how those have been answered. If you have any other specific question we'd love to talk with you. You can also comment below.

-Q- Which areas of the country does Red Oak serve?
-A- Red Oak covers every market and sub-market in the United States including numerous other countries. Our field inspector base is in the thousands and growing by the day. If you're interested in international information we would be happy to specifically address this with you personally. E-mail or Call us please!

-Q- We do not have a specific Inspection Form. Can Red Oak provide this? 
-A- Our management group has used every type of form in the industry at one time or another over the last 20 years. Forms and requirements change yearly - even monthly. If you need a form we can tailor a form with all your needed information required in your site review. We can work with a form you use whether ours, an industry standard, or one you specifically want. You will still be able to use the Inspection Tree to access your inspections and forms. 

-Q- What is the typical fee for a residential, insurance or commercial site inspection? 
-A- Unfortunately this is a very broad question. Typically, Red Oak has been known to be around 15% less in pricing than other national firms. This savings is always passed on to our clients with large volume accounts. To find out specific pricing on inspections all you need to do is send an inquiry to Red Oak or call us with some specific reporting needs you have. There are many variables with this equation. You won't be disappointed.

-Q- Can Red Oak help us with just a few inspections a month? We are a small mortgage servicing group. 
-A- Absolutely! While most of our clients are National Banks and Investment firms. We will never turn down a chance to create a relationship with any small local branch that needs assistance. Our pricing on this might be a bit more since volume always dictates discount pricing. But we would love to assist you.

-Q- What format is used to deliver reports? Can your system link with our internal database? 
-A- Currently, the database system we use supports all of today's industry standard formats, including Mismo .xml delivery. Any of the current industry forms can run in our system and be uploaded and downloaded by clients. Yes, we can integrate with your internal system to provide quick delivery into your current database. This just requires our IT group to speak with yours.

-Q- Is your process Secure?

-A- Yes. All information and documentation submitted to, from and through our Inspection Tree management system is stored, processed and protected by physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. This includes the latest encryption technology available today.